Bee Smart Rules

Welcome to Bee SmartTM! Improve your numbers sense and win real money.

Bee Smart gives you an opportunity to play with numbers and experience the thrill of winning.

Each of the games have more than one correct solution. For example, you can get 3 from 1 and 2 by adding them in two permutations, 1 + 2 = 3 and 2 + 1 = 3. In this example, there is a 50% chance of you matching the winning solution.

  • There are three modules in Bee Smart - Instant Win, Daily Win & Mega Win.
  • The Instant Win and Mega Win prizes are awarded immediately based on random draw once the game(s) are successfully completed.
  • The Daily Win Prize(s) are based on a draw at the end of the day 12:00 AM EDT.
  • The winner(s) of this Daily Win will be announced on every mid-night and email will be sent to the Winner(s). The time of this lucky draw is now set for midnight every night and may be changed solely at the discretion of
  • Anyone can play any or all of these modules. The Bee Smart games are open to everyone independent of age, gender, race, religion or nationality.
  • There is no cost to play the games in Bee Smart. Simply sign-up and start playing.
  • A player may play these modules more than once every day until the play buttons are grayed out. The buttons are grayed out when either one of the following occurs:
    • All the allocated prizes for the day have been won
      • Instant Win - 100 prize(s)
    • You are allowed the number of chances per day to play each of the modules as given below
      • Instant Win - 20 chances
      • Daily Win - 5 chances
      • Mega Win - 5 chances
  • All play for a given day in the Instant Win and Daily Win modules must be completed by 11:50 PM EDT. If you complete any IW or DW games after 11:50 PM EDT, they will not eligible to win prizes. You may play these games generated for the next day after 12:00 AM EDT. So, playing the Instant Win and/or Daily Win game MUST be completed at or before 11.50 PM EDT.
  • New games for Instant Win and Daily Win are available every day at 12:01 AM EDT. The Mega Win will have same games, until someone wins.
  • The prize money disbursement will be done via PayPal on every first day of the month to your registered (with us) email address, provided your account balance exceeds $10.
  • Provide your correct email address while registering with us. All payments and communications will be sent to this email address. It is your responsibility to provide the correct email address.
  • You have 30 days from the day we email your winnings to claim your prize money from PayPal. After 30 days, you forfeit the money that was sent to you.
  • Use the latest versions of the browsers to play.
  • Use the button to learn about the various ways of solving a problem. You may use any one of these solutions to solve the game.
  • Use the button to Undo any of the steps while solving the game.
  • Use the Redo Game button on every game to solve a game that was solved incorrectly. You must solve a game correctly, to proceed to the next game, to enter your solutions in the daily draw or to initiate a draw.
  • Bee Smart Winners List for Daily Win, Instant Win and Mega Win are available in
  • We are able to provide these games FREE for your edutainment thanks to the advertisements on our site. Players using ad blocking systems will not be able to play Bee Smart and win the prizes. Support our effort to help improve your number sense while providing excitement.